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Lloyds Payment Protection Claims

Lloyds, as the largest high street bank chain in the country, have been hit the hardest by the PPI scandal. Having been found guilty of mis-selling payment protection policies they have been told by the courts that they have to repay overpayments on these policies. More than £15bn has been set aside by the banks to cover the costs of these repayments and Lloyds TSB account for the largest pot of money having recently added to the fund so that they have now set aside £6.7bn.

Lloyds payment protection claims not only include the Lloyds brand but other trading names and brands under the Lloyds umbrella. If you have been sold policies by Black Horse Finance, Halifax, the Bank of Scotland, or Lloyds TSB then you should file your claim with Lloyds in order to receive the money you are due back in your account. These policies may have been sold alongside credit cards, loans, mortgages, and other financial products so if you have taken any of these products out with any of the Lloyds group brands then you should investigate whether you were mis-sold payment protection cover at the same time.

Some customers were not even informed that PPI was included in the cost of their loan and as a voluntary policy that was not to be deemed obligatory, this represented mis-selling to clients. If this happened to you then you can file Lloyds payment protection claims in order to recoup the money you have wrongfully had to pay along with interest on this sum. Payment Protection Claim can file claims on your behalf. Call us today to start the reclaim process.
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