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HSBC are one of the biggest chains of banks in the UK and, as such, they have accumulated one of the biggest PPI reclaim bills to date too. They have taken on an estimated 700 staff just to deal with HSBC PPI claims and of £1.5bn they have set aside for these payments so far, over £750m has already been reclaimed by their customers. While the bank is in the process of writing to customers that it thinks have been affected it is possible to submit a claim now in order to start the process sooner.

HSBC PPI claims will range in value depending on your individual circumstances. Typically, the longer you have been paying and the greater the amount you have paid, the more you will be due. Typical amounts are around £2,500 according to recent FSA figures but there are reports of people that have claimed up to £50,000 or more in payments due to having multiple claims. You may be surprised at the actual amount that you are due when submitting HSBC PPI claims and you should have access to the money within around 10 weeks from starting your claim.

Contact Payment Protection Claim to discuss your case and to get an idea of how much your HSBC PPI claims should total. You will be able to discuss your claim and to determine your next step. We can also help if you have been mis-sold payment protection plans with any other bank or lender too.
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