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Halifax PPI Refunds

Halifax PPI refunds fall under the remit of the Lloyds TSB group. If you were mis-sold a payment protection policy then you are able to reclaim the money you have paid along with interest on that sum. This means that the longer you have been paying PPI and the higher the PPI rate the more you will be due in Halifax PPI refunds.

Following a high profile court case, it was determined by the FSA and the courts that lenders like Halifax had used inappropriate tactics to sell what should have been a beneficial and useful insurance policy. This meant that many borrowers and consumers have paid large sums of money for a policy that they either did not want, didn't know about, or wasn't appropriate for their circumstances.

If you were unemployed or self employed , nearing retirement age, or working for certain organisations like the NHS or the Armed Forces at the time you were sold your PPI policy then it is likely that you were mis-sold payment protection. This means that you have the right to reclaim the money you have paid. As well as your payment protection premiums you are also entitled to claim interest on the amount you paid and this means that Halifax PPI refunds could total several thousands of pounds; money that you are entitled to reclaim.

Payment Protection Claim can help you to reclaim this money by processing the claim on your behalf. Contact us today to discuss your account and determine whether you have the right to submit a claim.
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