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  Reclaim £3,500 from Alliance and Leicester in 60 days*
Admiral Claims is claiming back £thousands of pounds every day for customers who were sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

Admiral has one of the highest success rates in the UK and charge a flat rate fee of only 20% Including VAT.

Plain Facts:
Banks fined by the FSA for mis-selling PPI
Banks staff pressurised customers to purchase PPI
• 6.5million mis-sold PPI policies in UK
• Banks allocate £9billion to refund their customers

  Why Choose Admiral Claims?

> Refund in 60 days*
> We charge only 20% (Including VAT)
> No Win, No Fee
> Original agreements not required

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  Reclaiming Your PPI is Simple.

1 Complete our Payment Protection Claim Enquiry Form (above). 2 Just sign and return our Payment Protection Claim Pack. 3 Just leave the rest to us and wait on your PPI refund.  

Read More about Payment Protection Claim (PPI Claims)

Filing PPI Claims- Procedure Depends Whether The Insurer ‘Sold’ Or ‘Mis-Sold’ The Policy?

Unlike other insurance policies, researching about PPI claims on the internet will bring forth two common scenarios. These are

- Filing a claim on the Payment Protection Insurance policy when you are no longer in a position to repay the debt in question, and
- Trying to claim back PPI on the grounds that you have been misled and have been ‘mis-sold’ the policy by the insurer.

The former is a genuine claim that is no different than the claim you file on your auto insurance policy. The latter refers to the realization amongst borrowers that they never seem to be eligible to file standard PPI claims and that they have been conned into buying the policy without securing any benefit in return. It is important to understand this fine distinction when you are trying to find out more about how to claim PPI.

A Standard Claim Vs Claiming Back Premium

Trying to claim back PPI is often described, rather humorously, as tougher than convincing a hungry bull dog to give up a juicy steak. Insurance companies are always eager to collect money from customers but never seem enthusiastic about honoring claims. Of course, they are perfectly justified in sticking to their standard terms and conditions before accepting PPI claims.

However, things are different when you were described one policy with one set of benefits and sold another policy providing a completely different set of benefits. Buyers are glibly told that they can file PPI claims if they lose their jobs and are not in a position to repay the debt on time.

However, those who use the internet to find out how to claim PPI protection and proceed ahead discover that ‘job loss’ protection is available only if the same has occurred for medical reasons. This simple qualification will render the policy useless and all the premium payments futile. In such a scenario, you are justified to claim back PPI premiums that you have paid.

PPI Claim Back- An Extraordinary Solution

Of course, you can initiate the process to claim back PPI just because your PPI claims have been rejected. To file claims improperly without researching on the internet as to how to claim PPI protection does not make sense. You should clearly prove that all your PPI claims will be rejected because the basic purpose of the policy was misstated when you purchased the same. it will be beneficial if you research and find out how to claim PPI premiums paid from the insurer.

Payment Protection Claim Update

If you have a Payment Protection Claim (PPI) then the good news is that Payment Protection Claims are showing no sign of slowing down. In the first half of this year (2011), Payment Protection Claims (PPI) represented against 31% for Natwest 31%nd 47% for RBS.

Barclays Bank recently released that they were receiving hundreds of Payment Protection Insurance Claims every single day and as many as 73,000 Payment Protection Claims for their financial first half of the year alone whilst Lloyds TSB also revealed had received well over 200,000 Payment Protection Claims (PPI) for their first half.

Make your Payment Protection Claim with Admiral Claims:

Nobody PPI reclaim specialist can claim 100% Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) success rate, thankfully though Admiral Claims, your Payment Protection Claim specialist is on hand, achieving an unprecedented 9 out of 10 Payment Protection Claim Success rate in 2011.

Bankers Liability:

Most of our UK high street lenders are having to face up to Payment Protection Claims (PPI) of a grand scale, here is just a snapshot of their PPI Claims laibility:
  • Lloyds TSB £3.2bn - Payment Protection Claim (PPI) pay-outs
  • Barclays Bank £1bn - Payment Protection Claim (PPI) pay-outs
  • RBS £850m - Payment Protection Claim (PPI) pay-outs
  • Santander Bank £731m - Payment Protection Claim (PPI) pay-outs
  • HSBC Bank £269bn - Payment Protection Claim (PPI) pay-outs
Recently published figures from the financial Ombusman (FOS) disclosed that they were receiving in excess of 900 Payment Protection Claims (PPI) every single day which took up a large part of their working days.

So now is the time, make your Payment Protection Claim (PPI) today!